Learning Indonesian with Jaz – Lesson 2: More Greetings

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                       Welcome to Lesson 2: More Greetings, of learning Indonesian with Jaz (Me). For those of you newbies to my learning Indonesian blogs. It’s best if you start with lesson 1 so go up to the search button at the top of this blog, and look up “Learning Indonesian with Jaz Lesson 1”. For of those you already know my blogs and have read them, please continue.

So lets begin:

  • Halo > Ha-lo > Used informally to say hello, this should not be used for your boss, and is better to use with your friends.

So now I’m going to teach you to say “What’s new or What’s going on” in Indonesian.

  • Apa > A-pa > means What
  • Kabar > Ka-bar > means news

Add them together, and you get “Apa Kabar”, meaning What’s new or what’s going on. Please note: that all Indonesian R’s are rolled, if you cannot roll your R’s, that’s okay, as any Indonesian should still understand you, quite well.

Next is Thank you, a word that is commonly used in everyday life.

  • Terima >Ter-i-ma > Means to receive or accept
  • Kasih > Ka-sih > Means Love
  • Terima Kasih > Ter-i-ma Ka-sih > Litterly means you are accepting/reicieving Love, but it really means “Thank You”

Now we’re going to bring back our old friend, Selamat. As you already know from our previous lesson, Selamat means “Safe” and is used in many greetings. Now we’re going to learn how to say goodbye when you are leaving and someone else is staying.

  • Tinggal >Ting-gal > to stay
  • Selamat Tinggal > Se-la-mat Ting-gal > When you are leaving and someone else is staying

That’s it for now, check my next lesson, at www.jazlinh.wordpress.com                                          Keep practicing your Indonesian, and I’ll see you at my next lesson.

Thank you for Reading,                                                                                                                                          Jaz


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